A Guide to Experiencing Roulette Pro Online Slot

Roulette is a French word which, when translated in to English, means little wheel. And this is exactly what Roulette, the casino game, is. There is a wheel with numbers on. The numbers are found on either black or red squares. When the wheel spins a small, white ball is launched into the wheel going in the opposite direction to the way the wheel is spinning. The players must place bets on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number or whether it will land on a red or black square.

The first form of Roulette was invented in France in the 18th century and although the game has been modified somewhat over the years, the primary premise of the game remains the same. The game follows either the European style layout that has a single zero on the wheel, or the American style layout that has a double zero. There are still roulette tables in land-based casinos today, however, with the advent of online gambling and casinos, several online versions of roulette have been created by software companies. Roulette Pro is one of these games.

Playing Roulette Pro Online Slots

Roulette Pro online slots were developed by NetEnt. It uses the European style wheel, which has 37 squares numbered between 0 and 36. The zero is green, a neutral colour, while the rest of the squares are either black or red, the same as in a land-based game. The screen will show the wheel on the top left hand side of the screen and a card table takes up the rest of the screen. The card table is designed the same as a real roulette table with green felt and the numbers from the wheel displayed. If you are familiar with https://roulettecanada.com/roulette/ you will find this game easy to play and if not, you will learn quickly.

The bet values range between 1 and 500 Euros. Like clicking Bet option in several games in order to place a bet you must click on a chip with a value of your choice and then click on the numbers on the table you are betting on. Players have a variety of options in Roulette Pro. They can choose to play using the Quickspin feature, which helps move the game along faster.

The game has an algorithm built into it, which keeps track of the outcomes of the spins. It will then display both the hot numbers (numbers which the ball often lands on) and cold numbers (numbers which the ball seldom lands on). Roulette Pro does the same calculations for determining whether the red or black squares have a higher percentage of hits. This helps experienced and serious players choose where they want to place their bets and have potential for increasing the players’ winnings because it will help them form a strategy based on the patterns shown.

Special Bets in Roulette Pro

There are also a number of special, or uncommon, bets that can be placed in Roulette Pro by clicking on the ‘special bets’ button.  These bets include Final Bet, Neighbours, Orphelius, Tier and Voisins du Zero. Roulette Pro may be played for real money or it may be played for free in demo or arcade mode.