Crazy 7 Slot Explained

Crazy 7 Slot Explained to online pokie players

This is certainly something a little different from Playtech but at the same time holds a lot of factors the same in pursuit of a simple to play classic style of slot game. The first things players will notice with this Crazy 7 slot game is the colours involved, of which there are a fair few, with perhaps the dominant colour puncturing out from the screen being that of purple. Apart from the colours involved in this slot game there is also a unique game screen involved in which players will notice a small set of reels on the lower end and above these there is the related pay table with the necessary symbols involved.

Once players make it passed all the colours and strange setups on screen they will notice that the 3 reels involved have only the one single pay line like in some pokies at online casino South Africa. Additional to this there are just two rows of symbols on these reels and of these symbols all of them are 7’s styled in a rather unique way and adding a little bit of sense to the title of this Crazy 7 slot game. There are no real bonuses in this game as the majority of the focus has been spent toward creating the natural gameplay involved and players will find that if they place the right bets and couple it with the available jackpots they might not even require bonuses to win big with this one Crazy 7 slot game.

Exploring the Simple Classic Slot Style Involved

There are a lot of slot game online style to that of the classical setup in which the gameplay takes up the central role, few to no bonuses appear and the symbols and graphics involved are relatively easy to interpret and produce on the screen. In this Crazy 7 slot game developers Playtech have added a good deal of colour and pizazz to the situation, despite the lower graphics and overall animation involved. The backdrop personifies the title of this slot by involving swirling 7’s and a rather hysterical style to the whole aspect of it. Even the pay table which accommodates the reels onto the main screen of this Crazy 7 slot game involves a good deal of colour.

The symbols on the reels of this rather peculiar setup for a slot game include just a range of colourful 7’s and as the title of the slot suggests, they are all rather mad. Appearing in colours red blue and green these are the only symbols on the minimalistic reels involved in this slot game and as such player will have no real problems in getting involved in this experience due to its relative straightforward nature.

Excusing Bonus Features from the Slot Proceedings

There are very few slots that can pull off having no bonus features and with a name like Crazy 7 slot game this just might be one of them. Without any bonuses on the reels players can take advantage of the gameplay involved and features thereof like the fact that even a perfectly mixed combination of symbols on the reels scores some form of wins, making the chances on the reels a little more rewarding.