Details about Lucky Double Scratch Card from NetEnt

NetEnt has been well known for many years as one of the premier developers of online casino games, and Lucky Double is one of the latest range of NetEnt’s lottery games and scratch cards. These games have advanced quite significantly from the old scratch cards you could buy at the grocery store or newspaper kiosk, in that they now offer a game you can play, extra bonuses you can win, and in some cases a huge progressive jackpot you can win.

Two Games in One

All these new games are fun to play, and Lucky Double will also give you a double chance to win. This scratch card is clear and simple, and has two parts which give you two chances for some big rewards. When you open Lucky Double you will see that this is two scratch cards in one. You will see a screen with the two games, one of which will give you a maximum win of one hundred Euros, and the second games offers a maximum win of one thousand Euros.

You have the chance of choosing to click on the button that says Buy Ticket and Demo. If you decide to click on the Demo button you will be able to play a practice game to see how it works. With a click on the Buy Ticket you can buy a ticket for two Euros. You then pick an object to use to scratch open the boxes. It is important to scratch them open completely. You can also click on the button Scratch All, for the computer to automatically open of all the boxes for you. You will be able to see at once if you have won, and all your wins will be added to your playing credit. The amount of your credit can be found displayed on the bottom right side of the screen, and this is always kept up to date.

The pay table in Lucky Double is based on a sale of one million tickets. You can open the pay table to see all the payouts by clicking on the Pay table button on the top right of your screen.

Low Investment and High Wins

There are many advantages to playing these NetEnt online scratch cards. One of the most important is the low cost of the cards, compared to the high prizes that can be won. Some of them can be played for as little as fifty cents. Lucky Double is a scratch card that is played with a higher investment, but there is a really good reward that can be won. Another advantage to the online scratch cards, is the very good return to player percentage that NetEnt offers.

Settings can be Adjusted

Lucky Double scratch card will let you adjust some of the settings in the game if you wish much like keno at On the bottom of the screen you will see a speaker, scratch tools and a question mark. The speaker will allow you to turn the sound on or off, and the scratch tools let you pick one of the tools to open the blocks on the card. The question mark will let you open your help menu, where you can find out more about the rules of the game, and view the results of any previous games you have played.