Free Bingo Games Guide To Play Anywhere You Want

Look back at casino history and you will notice something amazing; bingo is one of the oldest modern casino games in existence. Finding its origins in Italy, centuries ago, it was gradually adopted by the rest of Europe, and then the world, including the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Today, with almost every casino on earth offering bingo in some form or another, the game can certainly be said to have taken the casino world by storm. But what is it that makes bingo games so popular? And has bingo changed from its origins to its modern version? Let’s have a look at bingo in a bit more detail.

Bingo Games – Simplicity

Bingo is what is known as a no-skills game, but this doesn’t seem to bother the many thousands of players around the world who enjoy bingo on a daily basis. What is a no-skills game? Games such as poker and blackjack are greatly affected by how well a player knows the game, and how well they play, making them very skill based games.

Bingo, on the other hand, always has the same outcome, regardless of how well players know the game. This means that it is always a level playing field in a bingo hall, with no one player having an advantage over any other players. This makes bingo games appealing in that they are not a competitive scene in any way. And, since competition is not a factor, bingo games tend to be social occasions, where old friends meet, new friends are made, and a good time is had by all. It can be said that bingo is, in fact, one of the most social games available at a modern online and real world casino.

Bingo Games – Rules

Bingo is also one of few real money UK bingo games that has remained virtually unchanged since its inception. Other casino games have evolved in one way or another, losing rules, gaining new rules, and adapting to suit a modern audience. Bingo, however, is almost entirely unchanged since the fifteen hundreds. Some small rule changes have been made, but these are generally simple additions that give players a better chance at winning.

One such rule gives each player a bonus number on their bingo card, offering a special prize if that number is called. But, as far as core rules go, bingo is what one might refer to as a living dinosaur. Once might consider that online versions of bingo are an evolution of the game, since there is no longer a need for an announcer, and cards are now digital as apposed to cardboard, but these user friendly design changes do not effect the game itself in any meaningful way.

Downloading Bingo Games

Anyone can jump into the online bingo scene in just a few seconds of time. All that is required is for an application to be downloaded to a mobile device, after which online bingo games may be accessed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It is important to keep in mind, however, that Android and Apple devices require specific software. If mobile version are not an option, consider also playing on a desktop computer.