How to Play Caribbean Stud Online and Win

If you’re looking for new Poker varieties to try, you owe it to yourself to play Caribbean Stud online. It’s quite different to many other versions, and some purists don’t even categorise it as true Poker because you play against the dealer only and never against other regular players. It’s a refreshing change of pace, and will make you a more rounded player in all your other Poker games as well. To start playing and winning, read on here;

Basic Caribbean Stud Poker Play

Whether you choose to play Caribbean Stud online or offline, the essentials remain the same. The same hand rankings as in traditional Poker apply, and the game begins with you making a bet called an Ante, against the Dealer. You and the Dealer then both get a hand of 5 cards, with one of the Dealer’s cards facing up so that you can see it. At this point, you need to decide whether to raise your bet against the Dealer’s hand. If you decide not to, you forfeit your Ante and your hand is folded. If you do want to bet against the Dealer you need to double your Ante.

For you to win, the Dealer’s hand must qualify, and your hand must be higher. For the Dealer’s hand to qualify it needs to contain an Ace, a King, or a combination that is better than those cards. If it doesn’t qualify, your initial bet will be returned to you on a 1:1 basis, and your raise will be returned as well. If the Dealer hand does qualify and you don’t beat it, you lose your Ante and your Raise. If you have the same hand as the Dealer, the Kicker (highest dealt card) is used to decide the winner of the round.

When the Dealer hand qualifies and you beat it, there are specific rules, based on the cards in your hand, which determine what you are paid out ranging from 1:1 for an Ace, King or single pair to 100:1 for a Royal Flush.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

With no other regular players except you, luck has a larger role when you play Caribbean Stud online than with other poli poker variants – you can’t use the usual strategies such as bluffing or reading the tells of others. The House eventually always wins, and has a high Edge of 5.25% to start with. To avoid increasing this even more, be careful not to make common mistakes such as folding on pairs under 5, because even the lowest pair can beat the Dealer’s hand at least half of the time.

There are plenty of strategies to read about, and many other resources to discover, online and one of the great things about playing this way is that you can apply what you’ve learnt immediately. General pointers include always raising the Ante if you have a Pair or a higher hand combination, and always folding if your hand is worth less than the Dealer’s qualifying hand. You should also always raise if the visible Dealer’s card is less than your 4th-highest and if you have a Queen.

More Revealed Over Time

Don’t be fooled by how simple and easy it seems to play Caribbean Stud online – it has many outcomes and is much more complex than it first appears! The more you play the more resources you’ll find and the more insights you’ll have, which will help you enjoy the game and profit more. Learning the ins and outs of Caribbean Poker is a lifelong pleasure.