McPhillips Station Casino Review

McPhillips Station Casino is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is an acclaimed tourist attraction in the region. It is one of only two casinos in the city, the other being the Club Regent Casino. Both these casinos are owned and operated by the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, who in turn is owned by the Government of Manitoba. McPhillips Station Casino has been in existence since 1993.

A Taste of History

McPhillips Station Casino offers a significant taste of Winnipeg’s history, being in the old train station and turn of the century hotel. Visitors and tourists can still see the original grand staircases and dazzling chandeliers. There has been a first class combination of the classic historical decor with modern gaming amenities. Following the renovations that took place in 1999, there are present plans made to upgrade the casino, enhancing its old world elegance with a range of exciting developments on the gaming floor. Table games will be improved and increased, while there will be new additions added to the complex like the Crystal Room and Double Down Lounge.

The Upperdeck Bar with Sports Memorabilia

Canadians, and especially Manitobans, are very interested in and follow all kinds of sports, and the Upperdeck Sports Bar is one of the favourites of every player who comes to the casino. This Bar is decorated with historical sports memorabilia pertaining to that part of Canada, and many television screens for avid sports fans. The Upperdeck also features billiard and shuffleboard tables, a five table poker room, as well as a weekly Trivia quiz. There is all sorts of great entertainment offered at the venue on an ongoing basis, including various live bands and a dance floor.

The main stage at McPhillips Station Casino is another popular attraction. This facility offers guests a chance to enjoy performances by some of the best known celebrity acts and comedy or drama performers in Canada.

Neighbouring Hotel to Be Built

There are also plans for a neighbouring hotel to be built that will be linked to McPhillips Station Casino through an all season skywalk. Certain renovations are also planned for the McPhillips Station casino itself. There will be a new entrance and a front addition linking the second floor of the casino with the parking structure. There will also be an expansion to the gaming area, and the owners want to centralize poker into a special room, build a new sports bar, and add some code-break escape rooms. This code-break entertainment is a new fun idea that is enjoyed by young adults, and requires them to solve various quizzes and puzzles in a set time to escape from the locked room. Another new idea is to introduce a few locations for buskers, giving the casual entertainer a chance to earn cash from the gamblers attending the casino.

The developers have had a few problems with attempts to move the railway line that runs through the site to Winnipeg beach. McPhillips Station Casino offers players the latest advances in security arrangements and gaming integrity, and there is also an efficient and effective customer service for patrons needing any assistance.