Microgaming Announces Terminator 2 Licenced Slot

Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot for release should have fans of the popular nineteen eighties sci fi movie franchise quite excited.

The company, who has been creating gambling software since the mid nineteen nineties and has literally hundreds of titles under their belt, has now taken it upon themselves to create a fully licensed slot based around the Terminator 2 movie.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day follows up on the original Terminator movie. In this film, instead of like the first film, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, a robot from the future, is trying to save the human race instead of destroy it. Sarah Connor and her young son John Connor are being hunted down by a newer and more deadly robot from the future called T-1000. This shape shifting robot is nearly indestructible, and has been sent back in time in order to kill John. The reason for this is because John eventually becomes the leader of the human rebellion against the robot controlled SkyNet.

What was particularly special about this movie was their use of visual effects. This is one of the first instances of the large-scale use of CGI, or computer generated imagery. With the massive success of the movie and the current references to it in pop culture, a player could see why they created this new slot and why Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot.

Terminator 2 Slot

Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot will be exciting for fans of the franchise. This slot, which features five reels and a total of two hundred and forty three ways to win, utilises a photorealistic style of art and includes actual stills from the movie itself.

The background of the slow is a mix of dark blue metallic computer and robot parts that will take the player to a time where robots rule over mankind. To the left and the right of the reel, the player can see that there are a total of two hundred and forty three ways to win.

Below the reels, the player is presented with some information about the slot as well as various options they have to customise their experience. Information includes total player credits as well as the player’s win total. The player can also adjust their coin size, number of coins and their bet for this online slots casino Australia game. There is also a spin and autospin button for the player to use.

Bonus Features

Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot is also exciting news for those who enjoy bonus features in a slot. This slot has a free spin bonus feature. In order to activate the free spins bonus feature in Terminator 2, the player must land between three and five of the blue scatter symbols. These symbols can land on any of the reels. If the player manages to land them, they will be awarded with a total of ten free spins.

There is also a T-800 vision bonus feature. A player excited about Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot will appreciate this features because the screen turns red and the player gets to see the screen like a robot in the movie would. A prize is then randomly given to the player.