Mobile Online Tequila Poker Introduced to New Players

Today, the internet and access thereto is an accepted fact of life. The United Nations has been considering internet access a basic human right. Life is being condensed into memes, cartoons and 140 characters’ worth of wisdom. Similarly, game players including casino game players are introducing shorter, faster and games that are ever briefer in the creation of heart-stopping moments. Mobile online tequila poker is a perfect example of this trend in casino play.

The origins of tequila poker are as recent as 2005 when, due to growing competition between some rapidly growing casino software developers, new card games began evolving. The games of poker and blackjack were combined to make tequila poker. The decision to combine two of the most popular casino games has proven to be clever, as the stream of new casino players playing tequila poker has grown into a full-blooded river. Now, available to players online as well as on mobile, tequila poker provides a fresh perspective on two time-honoured games.

The First Choice

Mobile online tequila poker consists of two different games. The first is called ‘high tequila’, and the second, ‘tequila poker’. Both games are similar, with a small difference in the rules. To start with, player place their ante bet. Next, the banker deals four cards, face-up on the table. After the four cards have been dealt, the player has to decide which of the two games, ‘high tequila’ or ‘tequila poker’ he wants to play. Folding is also an option, but this means forfeiting the ante.

Continuing with either high tequila or tequila poker means doubling your ante bet with a bet called the main bet. When a player decides to continue the game, the banker will deal two additional cards. Playing high tequila means creating a five-card hand with as many points as possible. The cards are ranked according to their blackjack value. Furthermore, the rules state that only the five highest cards will count when playing high tequila. When a player has a winning hand, they win even money on their ante bet.

The pay-out ratios on the main bet are provided at all casino tables, but effectively they are that below 46 constitutes a loss, 46 to 48 is even money, 49 is at two to one, and this increases to the point where a score of 54 pays out two hundred to one odds.

The Second Choice

When selecting the tequila poker option at online casino NZ, the aim is to create the best poker hand possible. Just like high tequila, the best five cards count. Winning starts with a pair of aces. The ante bet pays even money, while the main bet pay outs are according to specific casino tables. The range goes from a pair of aces, which is even money, to a Royal Flush, a hand which pays out 200 to 1 odds. A Full House, for example pays eight to one.

Mobile tequila poker, therefore, a combination of poker, the online betting game that requires no introduction, and blackjack, whose casino credentials are unquestionable, this has become a game of choice for so many professional players. Mobile online tequila poker is a quick, high intensity poker game, and combination of two legendary card games, blackjack and poker. The game is not played against the dealer or other players. Whether players win or lose is decided using predetermined values. Mobile online tequila poker satisfies todays every casino game requirement, from speed of gameplay to instant accessibility.