Take a Look at Novomatic Group’s Acquirement of Eurocoin Gaming

Novomatic Gaming is a large gaming company, perhaps one of the biggest integrated gaming producer and operator in the world. They have now extended the size of the conglomerate since Novomatic Group acquires Eurocoin Gaming in the latest acquisition. This strategic acquisition, Eurocoin Gaming, is Holland’s single supplier of Bell-Fruit video slot machines.

What this strategic purchase means to the casino world is that the Novomatic Group, through their subsidiary Novo Gaming, now owns all of three major slots game brands, Bell-Fruit, JHV, and Errel, for these were all in the Eurocoin fold. Obviously this acquisition has considerably strengthened Novomatics’ position within the online casino business.

The Business Argument for the Acquisition

Novomatic Gaming acquires Eurocoin Gaming, describing this company as the leading force within the broader Dutch gaming industries’ supply chain and the owner of some 80% of the hands-on slots game market in the Netherlands. Novomatic executives also spelt out the penchant that Eurocoin Gaming has for innovation and excellence as a large motivating factor. This synchronicity between the companies is enhanced, practically, by Eurocoin Gamings’ significant library of successful games that will now be availablethrough the Novomatic distribution channels.

Casino play has shown great growth in the European market over the past few years, and this is the correct time for consolidation within the industry as Novomatic Gaming acquires Eurocoin Gaming. Furthermore Novomatic Gaming will henceforth be able to diversify adding to those available through the existing brands and thus increase their worldwide footprint.

Benefits That will Come about Due to the Merger

There is, additionally, a swather of benefits to the merger for existing Eurocoin customers. As the Novomatic Group acquires Eurocoin Gaming, Dutch operators will receive the innovative Novomatic support with the famous Bell-Fruit product, and this is expected to further grow the market share. The group will be able to offer improved premium quality casino service and ultramodern products. Dutch operators are also expected to unearth new sources of revenue with the Novomatic products, significantly growing the current customer base.

Eurocoin Gaming brand was initially formed in 2013 and have designed and developed a multitude of games for various platforms in both the local Dutch and international markets. In addition to machine production and distribution operations, Eurocoin Gaming has been creating the game content as well. This includes many traditional casino games such as roulette and poker.

The Eurocoin Additive to the Group

Eurocoin Gaming have a footprint in Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and the Russian Federation amongst others apart from the Dutch market. The additional strength that this provides to Novomatic is significant, but also a shot in the arm for the Novomatic style of business, which is articulated on social responsibility and the support of a large number of cultural, social, sports-related, scientific and societal initiatives within their vibrant corporate social responsibility program.

This responsible attitude the Novomatic Gaming, and now Eurocoin Gaming will continue to show towards the casino business is clearly becoming a stronger force within every industry and particularly significant in the casino game market. This is a further benefit the not only the Dutch operators and players will experience, but throughout the European and international markets that Novomatic affects.