Oh Craps, The Way to Win Money

It is always good to play games that are filled with high quality entertainment. If it is the matter of playing online games then all the players love to play games that are engaging and loaded with several chances of winning big prize money.

If you are fond of playing online casino games then you would be well aware about the charisma of online Craps game. This game has registered its presence throughout the globe. It is basically a dice game that was originated several years ago. Either it is real casino or the online casino; players always love to play this game. It is the game that is played by multiple players who throw their bets on table and one person throws the dice. Similar concept takes place when you play Craps online.

You should also have knowledge about different kinds of bets that you can use in this game. Below are some of the bets:-

  • This bet gives you the payout of 2:1 and it is known as Big 6 or Big 8. In this bet, you place the bet with the trust that the shooter will roll 6 or 8 before the roll on number 7.
  • If you like then you can also place a bet on a certain number. In this type of bet, the player places a bet that the upcoming rolled number will be the one which it has placed a bet on. It can reward you big prize money but chances of winning are quite rare.
  • Come bet also pays you 2:1. It takes place after the occurrence of the initial roll. The bet is about which players will bet that shooter will roll their points after the first roll.

All the casinos offer this exciting game in their games list as it is the game that helps in pulling the attention of new and existing players of online pokies in Australia. It will be good for you to understand the basics of this game if you like to play this and bet your money on it.

Basics of the game

  • The person who throws the dice is known as shooter. It is the person who is required to bet on Pass or Don’t Pass Line and that serves as different rounds.
  • In Rolling Caps, the players lose automatically if the shooter rolls 2, 3, or 12. You would also lose if you have bet on the Pass Line.
  • In Rolling a Natural, the player win automatically if the shooter rolls 7 or 11. Layers establish a point if any other number comes during the roll. Before the player roll a 7 the point number must be rolled again.
  • Shooter and other player who has bet on the Pass Line will win if the shooter rolls the number.
  • Shooter and other player who has bet on the Pass Line will lose if number 7 appears before the point number.

Other bets can be Odds, Place, The Field, Don’t Pass Line, Don’t come, The Pass Line etc.