Unusual Online Casino Games

Everyone knows about slot machines in online casinos and how they work. Most individuals who’ve been gambling for a little while would have tried the basic casino games, as well, for example, blackjack, craps, roulette, and video poker.

When you decide to visit an online casino, there are plenty of ‘the usual’ games that you would expect to see as part of the mix. However, some online casinos offer much more bespoke options. There’s a ton more games for cash out there as opposed to just your usual selection of card games and the trusty roulette wheel.

Here’s a list of a number of obscure casino games, which you’ve probably never heard of, that are worth trying.

21 Duel Blackjack

This online casino game was designed by Playtech. The idea behind it is that 21 Duel combines standard blackjack with concepts that originate from Texas hold’em poker. Your ultimate goal is the same as in regular blackjack, in other words, to get as close as you are able to 21 without going over or to still be in the hand if and when the dealer goes bust.

If you make use of the relevant basic strategy, the game has a house edge of lower than 2%. However, it’s not as good as standard blackjack:

  • Apart from the two cards in your hand, as well as the two cards in the dealer’s hand, you also get two community cards. (This is the concept which is borrowed from Texas hold’em.)
  • You are able to use both one, or neither of the community cards in order to improve your hand. The dealer can do this as well.

Rather than getting both your cards face-up or face-down, only one of your cards is dealt face-up with the other face-down, just like the dealer’s hand.

The best possible hand for you to get is a blackjack — a two-card hand that is worth 21 points. You are able to ignore your face-card hand if you need to. The dealer needs a total of at least 13 in order to qualify.

Videogame Gambling

At the moment, betting on eSports is almost the norm and millions of bets are being placed on computer games. You are able to bet on who wins, who loses and who makes the most kills. Interestingly enough, you can even bet on yourself.

War Casino Games

War is one of the simplest card games that you’ll ever get to play. In actual fact, the chances are that you’re already acquainted with the game from your childhood. Even if you haven’t played it, War is maybe the simplest card game to learn.

War is played with 52 cards. The objective of War is to win all the cards. Players are dealt one card and you are lucky enough to win if your card is higher than the dealers.

If the outcome is a draw, you can elect to “go to war” with the dealer if you’re prepared to double your wager. In case you don’t want to, you are able to surrender and get half of your wager back.

This card game is played in online and land-based casinos across the world. Some of them utilise slightly different rules which makes the game even more fun.