What is Novelty Betting?

Novelty betting is a type of gambling that been gaining a lot of popularity outside of more traditional sports wagering. It mainly revolves around putting money down on a wide variety of different things, such as TV shows, award shows, celebrity news, movies – almost anything linked to the world of entertainment. Not all bookmakers offer novelty betting, but those that do will often have a series of imaginable and fun bets to choose from, so it’s definitely worth checking out for those that want a break from the more serious side of gambling.

It can also be fairly profitable for anyone that’s willing to put in a bit of dedication into the novelty betting world. We’ve come a long way in the last few years in terms of available choices, and it’s becoming easier than ever to start getting into the kind of wagering that would’ve otherwise been impossible to find or offered very little in terms of payouts.


How To Place a Novelty Bet

  1. Choose A Bookmaker

For the bettor wanting to place a new novelty bet, they would need to first find an online bookie that was offering a range of different wagers to choose from. Try and choose a bookie that has decent player policies, as sometimes they may punish a bettor that wins too many times in a row. However this is not the case when players enjoy bingo games at onlinebingoaustralia.net.au.

  1. Check Out The Betting Market

With a decent bookmaking site found, the next step is to trawl through the betting market to see what kind of wagers are available at that given time. Like normal sports betting, due diligence and research here can make a big difference; and even if the bets aren’t quite as serious, they can still payout decent amounts for the bettor that’s willing to go the extra mile. It also can help to be as positive as possible on a specific bet before making a deposit of any kind.

  1. Place The Bet

Once a wager has been chosen, it’s simply a matter of putting the money down, where the site will usually ask for an amount to be chosen. It’s important to choose the right amount, as modern sites will usually only offer one click before the amount is accepted and the bet is started, as compared to older sites where two clicks to confirm was usually the norm. Regardless, with a bet picked and everything underway, it’s now just a matter of waiting and seeing how it plays out.

The Betting Markets

There are currently three main betting markets to choose from, although there’s plenty more choice for the bettor that’s willing to search farther. These three include:

Movie Betting

Here, it’s most common to bet on big, red carpet events, such as the Oscars. Wagers will usually focus on which actors and actresses win which awards, as well as which movies will win Best Picture or Best Director.

Series Betting

Here, bets are taken out on specific aspects of a show, such as who will be the winner in the Bachelor, Big Brother, or any other reality shows.