Why Canada’s Land Based Casino Industry is Flourishing

The world of the casino has been changing over the last ten years thanks to both online casinos and mobile gambling platforms. These modern industries have grown so much in the last few years, one can wonder how the land-based casinos are doing, and if they are able to compete at all. Fortunately, there have been some extensive studies done which shed light on how well the casino world in Canada is doing.

These studies not only covered the actual casinos themselves, but how they are impacting the nation’s employment rate, its economy, and the service and entertainment sectors in general.

How Casinos Started in Canada

Gambling has always been a part of Canada, especially with it being a colony-based country, meaning the people adopted many of the games and traditions of their homeland, including gambling. Despite this, most gambling was done on a private level, and there were no real public centres of any kind where people could enjoy casino games.

This was until 1989, when the very first land-based casino was constructed in the city of Winnipeg. It proved be a massive success, and it would only be a few years later before more casinos were constructed around the country. Today, there are casinos in every major province, including Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

Additionally, Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the largest casino jurisdictions in the world, and can be found within Canada. This commission operates various gambling licences that other casinos can make use of.

The Growth Of The Casino Industry

The casino industry in Canada is considered the largest entertainment industry in the entire country, and the estimated value of the entire sector is roughly at $20 billion, purely in terms of employment. Other sectors have also benefited greatly, including the food and service industries, as well as construction, which has grown extremely well thanks to the casino market.

On top of this, the mobile market, network operator, and technological sectors have gained massive employment and revenue boosts, and the trend seems to only be increasing as the years pass. It is one of the few industries that has not seen a massive downturn thanks to economic depressions and such. In fact, the exponential growth of the casino industry and its affiliates has seen some of the biggest growths of the modern world.

Modern Casinos Flourishing

Based on the studies and evidence, it can be said without a doubt that Gaming Club casino is continuing to flourish year after year within Canada. The sheer entertainment and employment value of the industry is second to none within its sphere, and it has been on an upward trend since the first casinos were introduced. Many believe that the growth of casinos in Canada in particular is because the average citizen earns a higher salary than most other countries, and therefore players have much more expendable income to use on entertainment. The Canadian casino industry, especially land-based, has a long and bright future.