All About Harness Racing and Betting

Harness racing is a derivative of the original form of horse racing that involves a Standardbred horse pulling a two-wheeled carriage, or sulky, driven by a jockey, in an oval ring.  A great amount of skill is required by the jockey to control the horse’s speed and direction.  Harness racing is kept at a trot or a gait known as a pace, and horses to do not progress into a canter.  In North America, most of the races are run at a pace whereas in Europe the trot seems to be more popular.  The trotting and pacer gaits differ in the sense that the trotting horse moves opposite rear and front legs, pushing them forward at the same time.  Pacing on the other hand involves the horse to move either legs on one side of its body, simultaneously.

The History of harness racing In New Zealand began in the 1800’s, when the sport first began to become popular. Since then there have been a number of world famous New Zealand bred harness racing horses and sires.

Standardbred Versus Thoroughbred

In the history of harness racing In New Zealand, the Standardbred horse is the breed that has been i used the most.  A Standardbred is different from the stock standard Thoroughbred that is used in conventional horse racing as they have longer bodies and shorter legs compared to their counterparts.  Standardbreds have a slightly better disposition because they have been bred with more docile breeds, while the Thoroughbred is known to be feistier than most breeds.

The History Of The Standardbred

A sire named Messenger is considered to be the founding sire of the Standardbred in America.  Messenger was an impressive grey Thoroughbred that made his way to America in 1788 and was subsequently bought by Henry Astor.  Messenger produced many successful offspring and some were even legendary, including a great grandson named Hambletonian.  Hambletonian was very influential within the American harness racing scene and almost all Standardbred horses in America can be traced back to him. Hambleton was more well known for producing successful offspring than his racing abilities which were, in themselves, impressive.

Betting On Harness Racing In New Zealand

Online horse betting australia on harness racing has become more and more popular in recent years. There are a number of online sites which now offer the chance to place a bet on a race or a horse. To access these sites you will need an internet connection as well as a device such as a computer or a smartphone. Using your search engine, simply look for harness race betting in New Zealand. A number of options will come up, all offering different odds and some offering a bonus for signing up with them.

Knowing the history of harness racing in New Zealand can help you to make your decision on which horse to place a bet on. Being able to recognise the good bloodlines as well as the trainers and drivers who have had success in the past could put you at an advantage when choosing who to back.