How To Find The Best Odds

Gambling, by nature, is full of risk. Most gamblers know that by finding and utilising favourable odds, one can potentially bring the risk to an acceptable, manageable, level. To get the best odds, though, one has to carefully consider when, why, how, and with whom, to place bets.

The following is some basics that you can use to vastly improve your chances of success.

No 1. Don’t Stick To A Single Bookmaker

If you truly want to find and utilise the best odds, don’t rely on just a single bookmaker, or two, but rather explore multiple bookmakers and compare their offers.

Having accounts with multiple bookmakers can also ensure that your bankroll is spread out and safe from devastating loss.

No 2. Fewer Selections Equals Better Odds

Even though this is basic common sense, it’s also an easy thing to forget while caught up in all the fun and excitement. In the end of the day though, the fewer selections you make while betting, the better your chance of winning.

Single selections obviously have the highest payouts, and this is where most bookies lose their money. Going over three or four selections should therefore be the limit.

No 3. Don’t Always Bet On The Favourite

It’s very easy and tempting to play it safe and just go with the favourite in any given sport or competition. However, as we all know, things don’t always go as planned, and there is generally a plethora of unexpected factors that might change the outcome and cause potential upsets. When this happens, being on the other end of it is usually immensely profitable.

This is best done with careful consideration and informed decision-making though and is an area where in-depth knowledge of the game can really help.

No 4. Explore Other Markets

Once you’ve had adequate practice and experience in betting on your chosen sport, you can explore the numerous other markets that bookmakers have to offer.

In one sense it provides more ways for them to make money out of you, but if you’re careful and disciplined you can also find better prices to use to your own benefit.

No 5. Don’t be Sentimental

Bookmakers just love those eager and energetic home fans that are willing to bet everything on their team no matter what, just like casinos love people who always go for their “lucky numbers”.

This is exactly the sort of behaviour that makes the gambling industry so successful, and if you want to avoid this common trap-fall, then leave things like “loyalty” and “luck” out of your decision making. Rather focus on the odds, and factors that will most affect your probability of success.

No 6. Don’t Wait For The Big Score

The belief that a certain outcome is “overdue” and therefore the odds that it will occur become greater over time, is an example of what is known as “the gambler’s fallacy”. This is a false expectation and understanding of odds and probability that many fall prey to, and most often leads to poor betting and decision-making.