Sports Betting Pick Services Explained

A sports betting pick service, often referred to as a handicap service, is a provider that provides to a bettor selections of picks on a specified number of games or events staged during a pre-specified time. What draws punters to sports betting pick services, as that providers typically have their picks worked out by sports betting specialists who are experts in a specific variety of sport – with the most common sports included being the NBA, NFL, MLB, and the NHL.

Not only do sports betting pick services provide advice regarding the events and teams the bettor should be wagering on, but also how much and at what odds. The handicapping provider will usually charge a set fee either for individual bets, season picks, or even part-season picks.

Betting pick services will usually offer to the punter a form of guarantee based on the information and guidance provided. Deviating in any way from the guidelines will usually instantly nullify the guarantee.

The Million-Dollar Question

Punters often debate the question of whether or not sports betting pick services actually work. The answer usually depends on the provider.

A good starting point would be to look at the track record of a provider, with the rule of thumb being that they should ideally have been around for at least 5 years. Also, take note of who the handicapping experts are. Ask questions such as, are there different specialists focussing on different sports/events? Since it’s nearly impossible to specialise in everything, the answer to this question should be yes.

When To Avoid A Provider

The reality of the matter is that, not unlike literally every other industry on the planet, there are good sports betting handicapping/pick services, and there are also truly atrocious ones.

Below is a list of basic guidelines regarding which to best avoid doing business with:

  • Newly established and a tad on the expensive side (comparatively speaking).
  • No track record available.
  • Cannot offer any proof substantiating claims of past successes.
  • No guarantee at all on offer.
  • Calls for disproportionately large bets on only a handful of games.
  • No identification information available for handicappers used.

Striking The Balance

Although how and how often you may choose to make use of the services of a sports betting picks service is entirely up to you, it’s usually a good idea to make use of handicapping expertise as well as your own betting wisdom.

When using a specialist provider, try and stick to the following approach:

  • Bet their picks only when betting on a specific event – and do so exactly as prescribed by the provider. Deviating from the plan will only cost you your guarantee.
  • Combine their picks with your own throughout a season’s worth of betting.
  • Remember that the price of the pick does not include the actual bet you’ll be parting with. Draw up a budget and stick to it.
  • Realise that there will be ups and downs. Handicappers aren’t fortune tellers. Things can (and will) occasionally go wrong.
  • Be wary of handicappers offering guarantees that seem too good to be true.