Throwing Light on Bluff-Blackwater Amateur Race at Newmarket

The sound of galloping hooves, the love of the horses and the thrill of the win, the three great things about Australian horse racing. So punters across the Nation, buckle up for the ride of a lifetime, with fast paced action around every corner and a chance to win big just waiting to be claimed. With tonnes of local race tournaments and events throughout the year, punters looking for a great race to bet on will find plenty here, the home to great betting opportunities.

The Town of Bluff

The small township of Bluff west by about 170km from Rockhampton has a population of 400 or so mainly involved in the railway and coal mining industries. Ross Vagg, a long time railwayman, maintains a team of six or so racehorses in work at Bluff, maintained and assisted by family.

These days, Bluff racecourse once the mecca of a number of trainers and even resident jockeys not to mention having regular race dates, only races twice a year. Resident race caller Scott Power, also a Queensland Rail employee said the Bluff-Blackwater Amateur Race Club has now taken over the Blackwater-Lions Race Club date. Racing has always had a strong link with Bluff and over the decades some top horses originated from here. Race club secretary Allie McLaughlin said much was planned for Newmarket Day to cater for families, children and patrons. She said regardless of the promotions was essential that the meeting attracted good nominations, as good fields draw people to the races and the Bluff-Blackwater Amateur Race at NewMarket was no different.

The Australian Environment

Australian Horse racing and betting sites like have an extremely high regard for safety and security round the clock and the Bluff-Blackwater Amateur Race at Newmarket is no different. This means that punters can enjoy the thrill of the horses whilst still preserving their piece of mind. A safe environment for an action intensive betting experience.

Prize Money High on This Race

The $10 000 Bluff-Blackwater Amateur Race Newmarket is a very good prize money race for the club. The second place pays $2000 while there is $1000 on offer for third and even $500 for fourth placing. With $43,000 prize money on offer there is clearly little more the Club management can do to attract top horses. Newmarkets’ loamy dirt track would be in the best possible condition for this race, and work has been done on the track to improve upon it since last raced.

The variety of options that punters have when betting on the horses is always huge and so even when races like Bluff-Blackwater Amateur Race Newmarket include different standards for horses, jockeys or otherwise, punters can be sure that the options to bet will remain constant and most importantly plentiful. With the choices ranging from betting on just the winner of the race, to the runners up, the order of the finishers and even the trifecta, places one, two and three, punters can find the risk to reward ratio that fits the best for them. So everyone is invited to join in with Bluff-Blackwater Amateur Race at Newmarket and have a few bets with online horse betting, an open world of opportunity for all Australians awaits.