What Are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are taking the online gaming world by storm, with many new players signing on recent months, especially as real life sporting events are cancelled and people look to the internet for new forms of entertainment. Realistic graphics, high speed internet, a need for instant gratification and the advent of new technologies, including mobile, has paved the way for virtual sports to take centre stage.

Understanding Virtual Sports

Inspired by real life sports, virtual sports are electronic games that cover a vast array of sporting themes. The software of these games is customised to fit specific parameters and meet certain sporting rules, just as one would find in a real action sporting event. Essentially, virtual sports feature a stimulated environment, fictional players and an actual result which is determined by random computer generated events.

Virtual sports blur the lines between sports betting, online casino games and fantasy sports leagues, to provide players with an action packed, instant world where any sport can be watched at any time, with faster paced betting opportunities available. As a result, virtual sports attract both players from the traditional casino betting space as well as avid sports enthusiasts, and have opened up a whole new player database for online operators.

History Of Virtual Sports

The first virtual sports computer game came to be in 1961 when a primitive version of fantasy baseball was coded by John Burgeson. In this particular game two teams played with a series of random number generated events and player statistics determining the winner.  The IBM 6120 computer had just 20 KB of memory, a far cry from the modern computers and even phones on which virtual sports are played today.

Why Play Virtual Sports?

There are a number of reasons why virtual sporting events have become so popular in recent years. For one they offer an opportunity for players to watch a game unfold on any day at any time of the year. Players can in turn place frequent bets on this games, wagering on new events every few minutes, rather than having to wait hours for a result and weeks for a new sporting fixture to take place.

With technologies improving all the time, virtual sports also offer players access to an exciting atmosphere where they can truly feel like they are involved with the game being played. Innovative graphics offer new features for virtual sports on an almost daily basis while live commentaries and chats make one feel like you are really there.

Virtual sports also offer an opportunity for beginners to get involved in the world of sports betting. Online profiles and statistics are easy to understand and more predictable than events that unfold in real life where a good knowledge of a player’s history and daily life is essential. Here the unknown factors of the real world have no bearing and games are not postponed or cancelled. All you need is a good internet connection, and an entertaining time is guaranteed.